Troubador Stories of Sages and Sibyls

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594688

Format: Paperback

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Stories of Sages and Sibyls


Stories of Sages and Sibyls is a brand new collection of philosophical fables – intended to bring an ancient style of storytelling back into modern consciousness.

Bringing together seven independent stories – all of which contain multiple layers of interpretation, for those who are prepared to look for them – it is a work which speaks of heart breaking tragedies, spiritual quests, age old wisdom, and the mystical sense of a lost time.

But, with additional moments of whimsy, and comedic episodes too – it is a collection with the ability to really touch a reader on a wide range of emotional levels.

The characters in these stories include Philosophers, Mystics, Royals, Artists, Prophets, Skeptics, and Believers. But, first and foremost – they are deeply human. Embodying the flaws and virtues which we all share.

Thus, Stories of Sages and Sibyls is a work of ancient times – but, also, is deeply relevant to the modern world too; and our own quests for a deeper side to life.

So, these is truly a collection for the ages. Stories with that unique ability to both profoundly affect us now, and to last in our minds for a lifetime.

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