Troubador Spirits of a Lesser God

Released: 01/04/2012

eISBN: 9781789012156

Format: eBook

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Spirits of a Lesser God

With a blink, a wink and a nod


This is a collection of fast-moving short stories that pack a punch. Each character is human, but has to negotiate completely different situations. Some are humorous, some are downright bizarre – and some are horrific. The term ‘Spirit of a lesser God’ is deftly dropped into some of the stories to jolt the readers’ memory back to the poem at the opening of the book.

Spirits of a Lesser God readers will find themselves emotional – and gobsmacked – with the tales’ unfolding, dramatic denouements, and vivid characters.

The book, which has been inspired by George Orwell, Jonathan Swift and ‘anything bizarre’, will interest adult readers that are familiar with pop culture and are looking for something with a cutting edge. “I wanted to offer something completely different, to invent a type of trend and inspire people,” says A R Forte behind the motivation to write Spirits of a Lesser God.

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