Troubador Spirits of a Lesser God

Released: 01/04/2012

ISBN: 9781780880846

eISBN: 9781789012156

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Spirits of a Lesser God

With a blink, a wink and a nod


This is a collection of fast-moving short stories that pack a punch. Each character is human, but has to negotiate completely different situations. Some are humorous, some are downright bizarre – and some are horrific. The term ‘Spirit of a lesser God’ is deftly dropped into some of the stories to jolt the readers’ memory back to the poem at the opening of the book. Spirits of a Lesser God readers will find themselves emotional – and gobsmacked – with the tales’ unfolding, dramatic denouements, and vivid characters. The book, which has been inspired by George Orwell, Jonathan Swift and ‘anything bizarre’, will interest adult readers that are familiar with pop culture and are looking for something with a cutting edge. “I wanted to offer something completely different, to invent a type of trend and inspire people,” says A R Forte behind the motivation to write Spirits of a Lesser God.

I bought Spirits Of God because I've been looking for something outside the bounds of the pedestrian, plodding ,panoramic novel for sometime. Well I found it in this work.I don't know if AR Forte intended to do this or not, but in my opinion the writer has taken the satire to a different level.Each piece is totally different and fences, jabs and swings at human hypocrisy absolutely brilliantly.The reader thinks that they are being led down a predictable path, then a crafty bait and switch is dropped in.

by Pop Mullins

I really like the writers sharp prose and brazen narrative.So much is expressed in short perceptive sentences.Would not advise a reader to read SOAG in public, because some of the some of the siuations are absolutely hilarious.

by Kit Lombardo

For me the writer has achieved what he intended to do.The reader is invited to walk alongside each character and can almost see, hear and feel every character as they move through each drama. Even the more bizarre and fiendish characters,like the Lunatic are believable portrayels of the human spirit.AR Forte has found his own difinitive style of satire.

by RJ Dennis

The art of a dark satire,or sarcastic satire is to throw subliminal questions and messages into the mind of a reader,while not dwelling too much on details and pondering descriptions of circumstances. This allows the reader to play around with their own perceptions.AR Forte has a shrewd and inviting way of sharing his prose with the reader.

by Sabrina Delgado

must must buy this book.....view the world with a different perspective....think this author has an obscure but amazing look on life.....

by brian young

I have never read anything as action packed and daring as this before.The writer draws up alongside,invites the reader to jump into the passenger seat. Then rockets off at incredible speed,swerving and careering at full throttle.Then casually drops the reader off at the end.Really like the writers prose sacastic metaphors.

by Pat O'Grady

In both Spirits Of A Lesser God and Visit From A Lessser God, although the satires are diverse and deep, there is an underlying theme.He is writing from under the radar and probing down underneath the veneer of human hypocrisy. In Children Of A Lesser God in this work and Edgar in Visit From A Lesser God,although they may both be disturbing,he is onto something very uncomfortable about human nature.

by Nick Bradshaw.

With reference to the previous review.The writer is going into very dark places about human nature.He is not asking the reader to agree with him.He is simply throwing his observations into the readers face; some of which are highly amusing, as well as being disturbing.

by Caroline Reed

Forte's plots are diverse and subtle,but realistic.His characters are multi-faceted and boldly flawed.And they speak to the reader loud and clear.

by Desmond Tindell

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