Troubador Soul Rise

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803131191

Format: Paperback

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Soul Rise

Soul Expressions


Soul Rise is collection of poems that have evolved from a poem called Share. These have become expressions of the soul born to touch the soul of each reader.

After each expression there is a Soul Reflections page, designed so that readers can write down their own reflections with how the words may have touched, moved, or affected them in some way. 

The poems invite you into a deeper understanding of self and of others, designed so you can share the expressions at your favourite spiritual gatherings, communities or with friends and family. 

Wonderful inspirational message that will touch your heart. Can be read alone or part of your journey of discovery. Recommend to anyone on a spiritual journey whatever that journey maybe

by Christopher Pelham-Wright

Soul rise is a beautifully inspired, and inspiring book of poetry which is an aid to self reflection and journalling. Each poem is immediately relatable, and although you may not have experienced the exact content that the poems make reference to, I found the emotional aspects of them to be profoundly touching and relevant to the me.

It’s apparent that Adam has a depth of emotional intelligence and understanding, as well as a strong spiritual awareness. With this in mind it’s also clear he sees the benefit in self-reflection and so has allowed a blank page for the reader to make notes on their own thoughts, feelings, and responses to the poems.

This book is helpful, gentle, loving, and insightful and would be of help to anybody looking to gain a greater understanding of themselves, and others.

by Darren Brittain

This is a wonderful collection of uplifting and emotive poems that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I regularly pick it up and just read the page that randomly opens up and there is always some inspiration to take from that particular poem. It is also an opportunity of reflection when a particular poem resonates with me, and there is space on the facing page of each poem, to write these thoughts down. I would very much recommend this book to anyone.

by Nell Somerviile

A thoughtful and poignant piece of writing whilst allowing the reader to collect and reflect their own experiences. On a personal note, this book has also inspired me to explore my own soul's journey. Would recommend and I'm sure this is only the beginning of the author's own inspirational writings.

by Glynis Allen

A lovely little uplifting book. A collection of heartfelt poetry. Enjoyed reading it and could feel the emotion put into writting it. Recommended read.

by Rita Haworth

I love this little book. It is a collection of poems which are beautifully simple in their composition, yet inspirational in their message. I particularly love the ‘reflections’ page which accompany each poem, which encourage me to document my thoughts. I pick it up often and let it fall at a random page to let it inspire or uplift me as my soul requires

by Rukhsana Lambert

I love this book each poem tells a different story the words really touch your heart

by Ann

Such a beautiful composition of inspirational and thought-provoking poems! I love the spaces provided for personal insights and musings as certainly these pages elicit so many deep and significant personal reflections.

This is the type of book you can read over and over with new discoveries each time. Highly recommend.

by Kristin Gattens

What an amazing collection or heartfelt, powerful poetry. Inspiring your own soul thoughts, adam’s words make you reflect on your own life in a positive way. I have to say honest and inspiring work, whether you read all in one go or take your time it’s a great book, just love it.

by j. McGleish

On any given day, you will find a page that relates to your life, feeling and emotions.
It's one of those books you keep by your bedside and read to either start the day, or end the day.
Either way it has something you can relate to from dawn until dusk.

by Carey Oakes

I very much enjoyed Adam’s book. Full of heart and soul. It’s really nice to see poetry being published and shared. I’m grateful Adam followed his inspiration to do so! Reading his book has inspired me to write again.
Thank you for sharing your gift.

by Nicole Powell

What a wonderful book this is. Thought provoking and inspiring it is written from the heart and will bring understanding, peace and serenity to anyone who reads it.

by E A johnson

Through the joys and sadness of life we all have our thoughts, which come and go, in our busy lives. Soul Rise is a wonderful personal journey to collect, understand and share a life's experience in poetry. It is a special little book, for not only can you read and enjoy these poems but it gives you a space to write your own ideas and feelings down.

by Liz

I received Soul Rise as a gift and I love it. I Love that I can just pick up open at a random page and it always resonates, inspires and uplifts me

by JH

This is a lovely book, well written.
It unveils the author's soul and communicates soul to soul as the title reveals.
Each page gives you food for thoughts on your personal journey of discovery.
It also has a healing factor as you read it. When in need, you can read your preferred pages for bringing that healing through words.
I am recommending this book

by Sophie

This is one of the most beautiful books of poetry I have ever read. The poems are Spiritually whole, encompassing the dark and the light, and they cover ideas and themes of the Spiritual-Human experience that are both timeless and currently relatable for all of us. Those who have overcome difficult circumstances and went on to share about them with others for the purpose of offering healing, they are like lighthouses in the dark, offering a safe way to make it to shore. The author of Soul Rise, Adam Berry is clearly one of those beautiful lights, making the world a brighter place for all of us. I can't wait to see what he publishes next!

by Jennifer

I absolutely love this book. So much of this material resonates with my own experiences. I often pick this up when needing some inspiration, trusting the page I open it on, will fill my soul. It’s also great for those wanting a reading for a church service and an inspirational talk. A beautiful ok of hidden gems! Absolutely would recommend, fantastic!!

by Rachel

I find it beautifully thought out how it flows with such meaning the reality of life looked in different way’s that people relate to. If having a day that’s not positive then this is a book to open and feel that one can gather their moment with words to encourage you in day to day life experiences

by Mark Rodman

Adam Berry

Raised in the North West of England, Adam is passionate about life and promotes living the life we are meant to live. The Soul purpose of who we are. He is truth seeker for the light of self and for others, with over 20 years of studying Spiritual studies and practices for the deeper understanding and meaning of life here and now and the life beyond. Through his experiences in a not so easy life and overcoming addictions maintaining a sober life for over 17 years. He shares his work with you, in a down to earth way. Being an undiagnosed dyslexic until leaving school was difficult and resulted in exam failings and low self confidence academically. He overcome his shyness through working in the construction industry for his day job, and also learning and trained to be a speaker, demonstrator and teacher in Spiritual studies. When he picks up the pen with inspiration and freedom he enters a world of creativity and the results are in his work.

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