Troubador Smile Dear Reader

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788039871

Format: Paperback

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Smile Dear Reader


A wry commentary on the weirdness of modern life.


This is a book for anyone who has wondered how we inhabit this surreal world with a new set of youngsters that live in the fantasyland and although are experts in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter plus all the gadgets you can imagine, they do not know the difference between a Picasso and a Warhol painting let alone discerning Chopin from Debussy.


Someone once said that the Orientals invented gunpowder to use for fireworks during the festive seasons only to have the West turn it into a base for destruction by producing firearms. Man’s use of modern science, be it nuclear power, television, smart phones, motor cars, information technology including the monstrous Internet can all be consider in a similar vein. Although the potential to improve mankind’s short stay on this planet with the use of these new discoveries and inventions is there, man somehow continues to allow evil to creep in and dominate over good.


This is a highly entertaining and witty collection of tales based around the follies and fascinations of modern technology and philosophical analysis as well as stories that are based on fact. Managing simultaneously to be both humorous and serious, the author portrays a variety of scenarios in which man becomes increasingly dominated and influenced by his own machines and bizarre creations. Other narratives take the form of anecdotes or personal adventures where human dram plays a central role. There is something for everyone; even computer lovers will be entertained and amused by the author’s images of the future in a collection of pieces which could be described as modern morality fables, albeit with some rather original and unexpected twists.

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James Skinner

My name is James; James Skinner! I was born in Buenos Aires and am of Scottish and Welsh descent. A retired telecoms executive and ex-Honorary British Consul in Spain, am married to a Galician and have lived and worked in numerous countries around the world mostly Latin America, Europe as well as the United States and Iran having dealt with all kinds of human beings, On retirement I pursued a new carrier. I decided to become a writer and began by going back to university to study professional writing at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall. After completing my studies have become a regular international writer. Great! Check out over five hundred essays in or Yes! I also write in Spanish.

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