Troubador Small Lives, Big World

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785890277

Format: Paperback

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Small Lives, Big World

A Collection of Short Stories From Near and Far


From Canada to Devizes, from Central America to Paris, this collection of short stories features extraordinary episodes in the lives of ordinary people; from an Ottawa suburban housewife to a middle-aged art teacher; from a Chinese shopkeeper to a 6 year old train traveller; from a Private in the World War 1 trenches to a girl with an unusually named cat. The tragedies and despair, the triumphs and joys of everyday life affect men, women and children all over the world. What unites us across languages and cultures, oceans and borders, are our tears and laughter, fears and dreams, and, above all, love and the hope for a new day. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, whether set in a tropical backwater, a factory office, the Palais Royal or on the Edinburgh Express, these stories invite you to travel along with the characters and share their lives for just a little while. No matter your destination, be sure to enjoy the journey. Small Lives, Big World is a quirky and inventive collection that will particularly appeal to well-travelled readers and those with an interest in different cultures.

Now available to buy as a paperback and and e-book. I hope it is as much fun to read as it was to write.

My new website, is mainly for my teaching, but my new novel, The King of the Street will appear in instalments and free on the site too!

Check out Alex Frankel's wonderful guitar playing as her reads the story "A Good Teacup" from Small Lives, Big World

Coming soon: Small Lives, Big World on YouTube, read by the author!

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If you can't afford a round-the-world trip, then reading these stories might just be the next best thing! Colourful and varied tales, which dart between continents and cultures with breathtaking speed. The cast of characters is enormously diverse and each protagonist is richly and realistically drawn. The stories are sprinkled with an acerbic wit, but ultimately this author is sympathetic and optimistic about the ability of human beings, from all social classes and walks of life, to get along. For this reason these stories are as uplifting as they are captivating.

by A Frankel

RM Green

RM Green is a former amateur jump jockey, banknote salesman, teacher of English among other things. Now living in Spain with his family where he continues to write and teach English online, he has been to ninety countries and his work is often based on his experiences or people he has met on these journeys.

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