Troubador Short Stories

Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9780992906917

Format: eBook

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Short Stories


A collection of six fictional stories about love and tragedy. Each story lets us into somebody’s life as their problems unfold, and we follow each protagonist in their quest to cope. All stories are very different from each other but all are sure to have real life parallels and resonate with many readers. Emotionally charged accounts with some unexpected twists, often written with an underlying sense of humour, they make a compelling read. FOR LOVE’S SAKE - The story of a woman who keeps on doing the wrong thing, albeit for the right reason. JUST POPPING OUT – A tranquil weekend turns into a disaster. ADULT EDUCATION - Returning to university as a mature full time student but getting more than just a college education. FROM LOVE TO HATE IN TEN SECONDS - Shows how quickly a single incident can change somebody’s life forever. A GOOD DEAL - The importance of worldly possessions versus love and morals. It shows how people’s lives crumble under the pressure of financial burden. JUST IN CASE - Depicts a mother getting carried away as she writes a note to her son.

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