Troubador Shadows Merely Indicate

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592912

Format: Paperback

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Shadows Merely Indicate


This selection is a definite progression from Michael’s previous book. The poems and short stories are meticulously placed in chronological order and hence demonstrates how his thought processes are evolving. This unique collection of writing evinces a fertile and agile mind with a myriad of influences. Indeed, the styles and themes are so varied that it indicates a burgeoning protean proclivity. Michael is confident that if the reader takes time to carefully read and assimilate each poem and short story they will invariably derive immense satisfaction.

There are some personal revelations (autobiographical fragments); surrealism (dreamscape); there are penned portraits of historical figures; some poems are purely fantasy; poems that explore the unconscious; criticisms of world affairs: the author is a passionate environmentalist and an ardent advocate for world peace. If there was a general theme, he would say the poems examine what it means to be human.

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Michael Nilsen

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