Troubador Saint Helena Tales Again

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800462915

Format: Paperback

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Saint Helena Tales Again


In a companion volume to his earlier books, Geoffrey Martin returns to St Helena, a small island made famous by Napoleon but largely unknown ever since. Here are more stories about the islanders and the other characters who have ended up here, whether sent by the United Kingdom to try and administer the island or just by fate. The islanders remain as keen as ever to maintain their own way of life and independence, and avoid the interference of their technical masters overseas. 

These are gentle and light hearted stories about the island and its inhabitants whether human or a giant tortoise named Jonathan. The author captures both the spirit and atmosphere of the place. Like revisiting an old friend this new collection will once again take you back to a very small island in the middle of a very large ocean.

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