Troubador Poetry for PSHE

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781784624576

Format: Paperback

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Poetry for PSHE

A Selection of Contemporary Poems


A book designed specifically for young adults studying PSHE, but with the needs of the teacher very much in mind. Poetry for PSHE, or Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, is a collection of poems for school children of secondary school age. It is an anthology of poems covering subjects such as friendship, families, bullying and social media. The poems deal with the subjects in a way that makes pupils keen to read the next one, exposing them to common issues they may face, whilst also allowing them to learn solutions and ways to cope should they find themselves involved with the issues discussed. The subjects covered in Poetry for?PSHE are either rarely covered within a school curriculum or are spread between a number of disciplines, subjects and teachers. The Department for Education has said that PSHE is an important and necessary part of all pupils’ education, underlining this anthology’s relevance and importance. These poems – as well as the lessons built around them – will live with pupils long after the lesson has ended.

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Great resource. Already used it in my EBD School with much success. The verbal duel in The Bully and the Bullied added a real spark of competition to the lesson. No more planning PSHE for me!

Jack Marshall, Schoolteacher, Liverpool

by Jack Marshall

I am a Social Worker and, prior to publication of this book, Jay allowed me to choose one of the poems to run a group session with school-aged children in my social care group. I could honestly have chosen any one of the poems, since they all resonated with contemporary issues, but we settled on the poem “I Have a Secret” and I used the lesson plan provided to lead the discussion.

The children enjoyed the poem and were happy with the ending, which appeared to resolve the issue of how the ‘burden’ of a secret could be off-loaded. They were inspired to discuss their own experiences of personal and cyber bullying and strategized about who they felt they were (or were not) able to speak to. They discussed loyalty, responsibility and integrity. Essentially, they came to a consensus on the merits of sharing a secret and its inherent benefits in terms of their own well-being.

Jay’s poems are enjoyable and easy to read and they make the job of even getting children to read poetry in the first place a very easy one. These poems don’t just entertain and encourage – they teach! I would highly recommend this book and will use it many more times.

Patricia Galvin, Social Worker, London

by Patricia Galvin

I had the opportunity of sharing this book with my children. We though the collection to be accessible, thought provoking and enjoyable- It was a great platform for discussion, I thought 'The Bully and the Bullied' was particularly moving.

by M J Amies-McCormick

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