Troubador Planet Two-Faced

Released: 28/10/2016

eISBN: 9781785896880

Format: eBook

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Planet Two-Faced


In short story and verse format, the humourous Planet Two-Faced explores a range of present-day subjects of concern, from political upheaval and banking to litter louts. 

A mix of both fact and fiction, the author frequently uses this work to offer advice to the younger generation and reflect on the society around us. In particular, Planet Two Faced includes an open letter to President Obama, published in 2009 and a tongue-in-cheek prediction of life in Britain by 2025. Robert uses his wealth of life experience as a son of a coal miner who went on to travel the world and mix with the most poorest and opulent people of his time to comment on the bizarre happenings of our planet. 

Planet Two-Faced is a truely fascinating read for those who are interested in observing the quirks of life.

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