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Released: 01/10/2013

eISBN: 9781783066360

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Not So Long Ago

Stories from a small town in the High Weald of Sussex


Not So Long Ago is a collection of short stories set in a Sussex town in the 1960s. The interlocking themes are of chance meetings and changing lives and all stories cluster around one group of characters

Here we read about Jos’s and Annette’s meeting at the swimming club, which ignites a long relationship. Melissa and Fred collide when she knocks him over while riding her bike and both stumble towards a relationship. Alfredo and Maria meet at school and stay together, despite arguments. Chris, artistic with wealthy parents, falls for Dora, but on seeing her in a pub is beaten up by her boyfriend. By the end, all the characters have progressed in life and in relationships.

This new collection will appeal to readers who want stories that engage them, are prepared for sudden plot twists and enjoy a nostalgic 60s setting. Not So Long Ago offers readers the narrative intensity of the short story with the character development associated with a novel.

Mike Moran's short story collection "Not So Long Ago", abouta group of young people growing up in a Sussex town in the 1960s, will be published by Troubador in August, 2013.

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Mike Moran

Mike Moran was born in Brynmawr, South Wales, in 1945 to parents who worked in London wnhere he spent his early years. His parents then emigrated to Australia, where he lived in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania before being brought back to the UK. He had amassed a rich collectio of memories but his formal education was almost non-existant. Eventually his family moved to the small Sussex town of Horsham where he fought to catch up with his education, hating the town and its people at first but, as time passed, getting to understand and like for, as he had stayed here longer than anywhere else in his previous life, he appreciated the stability it brought and the friendships he made.

Academically he improved ,though he was never much above average, taking an External Degree of the University of London in Economics. He worked briefly for an airline before going on to train as a further education teacher, working mainly in North London and studied as a post-graduate at the University of Manchester and at the Institute of Education in London.

He has been married for nearly forty years, has a grown-up son and daughter and lives in Bedfordshire. Writing fiction began when he retired and Mike Moran wries from the point of view of a "semi-outsider"; a person who loves Britain but, even after the passing of so many years, still doesn't feel as if he fully belongs.

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