Troubador Mostly Murder

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838590222

Format: Paperback

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Mostly Murder

Tales of Mystery and Murder


This collection of short stories contains twelve murders which are dark, and with bizarre and unexpected endings. The villains are motivated by revenge and lack any feelings for their victims. The behaviour within the stories is so outrageous that the murderous activities described start to become humorous. In some the story-lines descend into pure farce. The collection sends up many of the characteristics of the classic ‘whodunnit’, such as having a quirky detective on the case.  

Several of the stories in the collection deal with actual and imagined deaths in a more serious tone and treat the perception of guilt within these situations. Some tales vividly portray real events which took place in the author’s childhood in Nottingham, and this personal experience provides an authentic background to the other fictional stories.

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