Troubador Moments in Time

Released: 28/09/2017

ISBN: 9781788033251

Format: Paperback

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Moments in Time


Moments In Time is the second collection of poems in what will be a trilogy of books that recount the experiences that Roger Mumby-Croft has had throughout his life. Roger fell in love with poetry aged 16, after being introduced to the poets of World War I by his uncle who served in the trenches. He has since spent his life writing his own poetry.

Memories Memories fill my mind with love and pain They intermingle in a changing pattern of remembrance What has transpired has gone not to be relived We cannot change our memories rather use them to shape our future style They must not trap us in a cell that stops us achieving in the reality of now

Moments In Times covers a variety of topics themed around the vagries of life and it effects us. These include a full range of emotions, but also specifically dealing with depression and illness. From the simple and everyday to the complex and deeply personal this is a thought-provoking second collection that will appeal to anyone interested in poetry, and especially those who enjoyed Roger’s first book Our Times (ISBN: 9781784623180) to which this is a companion volume.

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