Troubador Made Strange By Time

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788037679

Format: Paperback

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Made Strange By Time


Made Strange by Time comprises lyric poetry inspired by the poet’s awareness of the curious ways in which the passage of time affects us. The tone is reflective, sometimes philosophical and often with a wry, self-deprecatory humour. Achieving a degree of timelessness by its mix of traditional forms, Made Strange by Time covers subjects from the personal to the universal to the everyday - memories of childhood; love and longing; fear of the future; thoughts on a country walk; a shop closing down.  By turns poignant, thought-provoking, and gently comic, the collection will have a broad appeal.  


                                         Putting the Clocks Back


                         Winter’s harvesting autumn from the trees;

                         Another infection has wheeled you away.

                         In your apartment, on my hands and knees,

                         I curse the heating’s digital display,

                         Which seems to think I’m fluent in Chinese

                         And somehow turns an hour into a day.

                         I see it now, you coming home to freeze

                         And die – all for a single hour’s delay.

                         If only we were back in clockwork times

                         And you were still the winder to and fro,

                         Counting down at six the wireless chimes

                         Then smoothing out the seconds, fast and slow.

                         If only we had stuck at yesterday,

                         And I’d no need to take this hour away.

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