Troubador Lullaby

Released: 04/08/2017

eISBN: 9781788030618

Format: eBook

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Poems for Mobiles 1


Tim Murgatroyd’s Poems for Mobiles aim to bring fresh, contemporary poems to a digital device near you.

Lullaby ranges over themes as diverse as a new-born baby, a sinister painting by William Blake, night’s tranquillity in the heart of the city and a child’s first sports day at school. The poems are charged with a lingering awareness of time and our need for compassion in a bustling, seemingly indifferent world.

Tim Murgatroyd writes short, delicate, dynamic poems designed to slot conveniently into a fast-flowing day – these are poems for mobiles with a heart.

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Tim Murgatroyd

Tim Murgatroyd was brought up in Yorkshire. He read English at Hertford College, Oxford University, and now lives with his family in York. Tim became fascinated with Ancient China when he discovered a slim volume of Chinese poetry in a second hand bookshop.

His first novel, Taming Poison Dragons set in 12th Century China, has been described as 'a captivatingly original and unforgettable story of tragedy and enduring love'. The sequel, Breaking Bamboo, is the second instalment of a trilogy charting the trials and adventures of the Yun clan during the Mongol invasion of China. The third part of his trilogy, The Mandate of Heaven, set during the brutal Mongol occupation of China was published in October 2013.

Taming Poison Dragons and Breaking Bamboo have now been translated into Chinese by the prestigious Shanghai Literature and Arts publishing house.

In a new venture, Tim will be publishing a number of new titles in 2017.

The Nazi’s Daughter, a haunting time-shift novel set in World War 2 and contemporary New York.

Dust of the Earth, an epic love story set in troubled 1870s California and its fascinating early wine industry.

Three e-booklets of poetry in a series called ‘Poems for Mobiles’: Lullaby, Drunk and The Stars are Apples.

Please visit Tim's website for further information about the fascinating background to these novels and his poetry.

Tim Murgatroyd

The Nazi's Daughter
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