Troubador Lines of Flight

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781785898464

Format: Paperback

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Lines of Flight



Lines of Flight is a collection of lyrical poems, ranging from the compassionate and philosophical to the emotional and funny. Each poem has its own rhythms: the spacing between the words adds to the overall meaning both on the page and when read aloud. You cannot walk round the poems, like a piece of sculpture, nor can you walk away from them. They come into existence as poems precisely at the point of communicating with the reader. The themes of birds and flight form a leitmotif throughout the collection. The image of a bird in flight also has symbolic associations – it is an existential moment in time and space, which has affinities with our own experience at any point in the trajectory of our lives. Michael Williams is also an artist and has work in public and private collections in London, New York and Paris, and his artist’s eye is reflected in his poetry. As a result, Lines of Flight is a sensitive and inspired collection that affirms the importance of beauty and love. It will appeal to those looking to appreciate the world around them.

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