Troubador Life's Journey

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880709

Format: Paperback

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Life's Journey

A Collection of Poems


Amanda is a registered nurse and spiritual healer. One morning, she was captured by the many colours surrounding her garden at the start of a day, signaling the start of her healing journey.

She has been so inspired by her friends and family, who have touched her life and expressed positive thoughts on her darkest days that she is passing along her own inspiration in the form of Life’s Journey, a collection of poetry that has been inspired by her own experiences.

“Wherever you are along your own journey or whatever experiences you’ve had in life, there will hopefully be something for you in this book. If it helps or inspires only one person to look at the positive side, I have achieved my biggest wish,” says Amanda.

Life’s Journey will appeal to fans of poetry and those interested in subjects of personal growth and life experience, as the book deals with matters of love, loss and much more.

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Braintree and Witham Times, December 2011

A Sometimes bittersweet, joyful and poignant wander through life, visiting a complete spectrum of emotions along the way. I enjoyed the poetry Amanda presents, her words evoking memories i had forgotten and reminding me of feelings i had buried. There is a poem to suit every occasion hidden in these pages.
Well worth a read and a re-read to make sure no treasure is missed.

by Julie - Nottingham

A fascinating collection of poetry, where time, emotion, spirituality, personality, past , present, sickness and health are all brought together.. One could sum ‘Life’s Journey’ up as a philosophy of life and how to live it. To know more you’ll just have to read the book!

by Denise - Dudley

This review is from Amazon: Life's Journey: A Collection of Poems (Paperback)
Having read Amanda Hume's book of poetry depicting her life, the trials and hurdles she has had to face, and how she overcame them.. I found myself within some of these pages and was moved to a tear on some occasions. Amanda, in her own way, has opened up and shared with us the feelings we all go through in times of loss, grief, heartache, and sickness et... and sometimes feel no one quite understands what we feel inside. In reading these poems, I for one was made to feel that someone else understood and put into words what I could not express in the past. It made me feel less alone. The book also shows a progression from some of the worst experiences, through to the light at the end of the tunnel where things come good. Amanda shows us that we are strong enough to overcome anything and get through. She shows that there is hope for anyone, no matter how bad the situation may seem. The book brings you to and ending of hope and positivity.. with the words 'I asked for strength, the Angels gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for Wisdom, the Angels gave me problems to solve.......'

I also loved the inclusion of poems decicated to people who had great impact in her life.. family etc.. and fond memories of those dear to her and now passed on. I found myself carried along on the journey with her in this little bit of her family history and nostalgia..

by Amanda Hume

Amanda Hume

Amanda was born in London. She is a Registered Nurse and Spiritual Healer, having interests in many creative and holistic therapies including Reiki and is also a probationer healer with The Healing Trust.

One morning, captured by the many colours displayed to her surrounding the garden at the start of a new day, she became inspired to write using words to commence her healing journey.

She has since been captured and inspired by her friends and many people who have touched her life to explore and express positive thoughts amongst the darkest day.

Amanda now lives with her family in Essex.

Amanda Hume
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