Troubador Life Behind the Pen

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803131665

Format: Paperback

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Life Behind the Pen


WHAT IS ALL THAT RABBLE? What are they rabbiting on about? Disturbing my nap. My parents started reading to me before I was even born. I first entered a poetry competition at the age of 5, and 7 years later... My Life behind the Pen has just begun, A life that started with a wonderful dream. The sun is here, the moon is on the run. I'm 5, po'try fills my head, as it seems. Pictures become words, and words turn to rhymes, Various poems inside can be read, Anywhere, any which way; the good times! There is no right or wrong it can be said. Collection of pieces, written for you, This is my book; I really hope you like. Read and learn poetry then you can do and write, it's easy as riding a bike! The power of poetry - this is it. You may have noticed, you've read a sonnet.

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