Troubador Late Harvest

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880402

Format: Hardback

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Late Harvest

A Collection of Later Year Poems


Miriam Laserson Varon has lived in ten decades on four continents and written in five languages. In this, her third volume of poems, she explores the internal and external complexities of the post-golden years. In language that is personal, accessible and candid, she conveys the courage, fears, hopes and resignations associated with survival into elderly status. Readers of these poems are likely to feel a rare proximity to a spirit that remains strong and observant, and will be rewarded with the concise emotional and visual imagery and phrasing of a poet who has saved much of her best for last.

Her poems are written from a perspective that few reach and even fewer are able to illuminate so well through poetry. She vividly and unsparingly captures the intense emotional grappling of the mixed-blessing years of older life.

Late Harvest is a follow up to her first two books, Thoughtprints and?Wind?Chimes, and will appeal to fans of poetry.

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