Troubador La Petite Mort

Released: 28/03/2016

ISBN: 9781785891014

Format: Paperback

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La Petite Mort


Rufus Hobster is a vampire. He writes poetry. Through his poetry Rufus shares what it feels like not being human, what it feels like to kill a human and what it feels like to love a human. La Petite Mort is his recollection of the early days when he first became a vampire, a time when he was nothing more than a rabid beast. It also concerns his life years later when he meets Elise, The Girl Who Synchronised Death. Despite the way Elise makes God weep, Rufus cannot leave her side and it is not until she abandons him that his psychosis guides his life more so than the virus running through his veins. La Petite Mort spans a number of genres, including dark romance, horror, philosophy and fantasy. It will appeal to fans of thought-provoking and gothic poetry, as well as fans of Eli’s previous books – Cruel, Four Days,?Neophyte and his first poetry collection The Lines.


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