Troubador Jaguar in the Drive and Other Stories

Released: 30/05/2014

eISBN: 9781783065653

Format: eBook

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Jaguar in the Drive and Other Stories


The first story draws on the author's own experience of meeting a jaguar in the wild in 1961, just after a hurricane in Belize. Another explores a female protagonist's reaction to waking in a ghost town; she finds solace in the companionship of a dog. One character is uprooted when her family moves from Russia to America, causing her to completely change the way she lives when her father becomes involved in political upheaval.

This is a selection of unique, entertaining short stories about a variety of women and their adventures into the unknown. In each tale, dramatic changes in circumstances lead to the women changing their environment and having to drastically adapt to their new surroundings. The author draws on his experience of living in a family full of females while he was growing up, to create believable and engaging female characters. He considers this collection to be an odyssey, with each story taking place in unfamiliar territory, a world away from what is known to the protagonists.

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