Troubador Is She Secretly in Charge

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591397

Format: Paperback

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Is She Secretly in Charge


The ferry is here, we board and get under way, 
Crossing the Mersey on this warm summer’s day, 
Everyone aboard looking at the city we know, 
Listening to sounds on the river and watching its flow, 
Checking our time with the Liver buildings big clock, 
As we slowly manoeuvre to the landing dock, 
(from The View) 

This is an exciting evocatively emotional book of poems that tell stories of people, places, ships, the sea and distant lands, all covering every emotion. Author Robert Faulkner brings his, and others, life’s memories to the fore and show themselves in this book as a poem. Many an event that passed him close by, or he heard mentioned at some time or place in the world, is reflected within this collection.

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