Troubador Insideout

Released: 28/03/2022

ISBN: 9781803130521

Format: Paperback

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Georgia Brown has lived many lifetimes and played the part of many different characters, none of which were safe or pro-active. Her self-destruction was doomed to leave her deceased. This included many roads, including: Heroin addiction, Bulimia, Alcoholism, violent relationships, and even three occasions to which she actually survived short-term death itself. It also included double breast cancer, acute Hepatitis (to which she was heavily medicated for one year) at a time that she was in a domestically violent relationship.

Yet despite the odds regarding the post self-loathing, she also became many positive characters too. She is now a practising Martial artist, a Vegan and a Gym instructor by trade and also a Hypnotherapist. This transformation and past experience has fed into Insideout, an emotional collection of poetry for all walks of life.

Every person can relate to at least one of the characters she became. Therefore, the point to the poetry is - whoever you are and whatever you are - self-compassion, love and change can be activated. Georgia came to realise from head to the heart that it wasn’t the world that disliked who she was, it was she who disliked who she was. She was awakened to her own negative perception of herself and of the world around her. Insideout is written with the hope that many will see that if she can turn her life around by simply understanding what it is to truly love the self, then so can they.

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