Troubador In Love and Life

Released: 01/10/2013

eISBN: 9781783069026

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In Love and Life


In Love and Life is a collection of words that many different people can identify with and from which they can perhaps extract something useful ­­– solace, understanding or closure. We are all connected by common threads in our experiences, despite language barriers or geographical distance. We all feel joy, pain, confusion or indifference – among other emotions – in matters of the heart and those of the everyday world. Sometimes we need to remember the human touch can be vital, or that sometimes we need to let go and start anew. It may be impossible to converse with the world, but it’s not impossible to send a message that we are all emotional beings and it matters how we make each other feel.
We all want the same thing: HAPPINESS.

Esha Young’s new contemporary poetry collection is based on everyday situations in love and life that readers can relate to. Covering topics from modern day life, In Love and Life highlights the common threads in our experiences that connect us all in a very real way.

Young’s work is ideal for anyone with an appreciation for poetry and literature, particularly those who enjoy the novels of Jane Austen and the words of Emily Dickinson and Margaret Atwood.

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Esha Young

Esha Young was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. As a little girl, she fell in love with literature and would often be chosen to write speeches at primary school for special events, where she would do live readings of her work. This eventually led to a fifteen year career as a radio presenter; something she had always desired. In 2003, Esha was profiled in the highest circulated daily newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago.

Esha credits her parents for her success, namely her father and ultimate role model, Dennis, who she says taught her the most valuable lessons in life. After his passing in 2006, Esha began to look beyond home shores and two years later, left for London where she resumed her radio career while working as a Digital Marketing Manager in the UK music industry. In 2009, she married her long-time love, Alejandro.

It was during her first pregnancy in 2011 when Esha decided to pursue the dream that lay buried deep inside - writing. She began to put together her first collection of poetry, reflecting on the realities of love and life and the common threads in our experiences that connect us all, despite language barriers or geographical distance. The book includes an ode to her son, Matteo Gabriel; and a couple of poems that were penned when she was seventeen.

Esha currently resides in London.

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