Troubador If I Can Touch You With A Thought

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891250

Format: Paperback

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If I Can Touch You With A Thought

Poetry and Narrative Prose


This collection of poetry gives an insight into Bob’s avenues of thought. It gives a greater awareness of those who endured so much for us and paid the ultimate price. It also examines the youth of 65 years ago living in the ration days, of a life where there was mostly happiness, and of death caused by a clash of religion, politics and ideologies that shattered and threw the world into disarray. Bob shares his thoughts on this as he philosophises on the notion of time. Time being a word given by man on the earths’ turn and that now rules man. Time is often ignored by the young and sometimes feared by the old as the passing seasons wrinkle us all. If I Can Touch You With a Thought will appeal to those who enjoy poetry and are looking to reflect on their own lives.

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