Troubador I Think I Thought

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788037556

Format: Paperback

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I Think I Thought


Wry wit and observation in 102 poems, I Think I Thought details both a dark side to growing up, girlfriends and gastro-pubs, and a gently light side to old age - despite its attendant malfunctions and memory loss. All of these we meet a-plenty on the poet’s long haul from nappies to near-dotage, pausing along the way to reflect on some of life’s unwelcome changes – from the loss of Sharps Toffee, the Empire, flea circuses and doctors who do home visits; to the advent of longer licensing hours, synchronized swimming, greengrocers’ “apostrophe’s” and a possible need to origami one’s Andrex.


So far the author has survived the slings and arrows of Life’s outrageous fortune with affectionate memories of most of its ups and with much gentle laughter at many of its downs. And the effect of it all on him? . . .


“No matter what state it is in after years of indulgence and sin,

Though wrinkled and sagging through excess of lagging

I’m happy at last in my skin.”


Perhaps the perfect book for the awkward friend or relative who, until now, has been impossible to buy presents for.

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