Troubador Holiday and Other Short Stories

Released: 28/08/2015

ISBN: 9781784623968

Format: Paperback

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Holiday and Other Short Stories


Holiday and Other Short Stories is a collection of eleven fictional short stories about humble, ordinary people and animals, but with subtle twists in plot. The stories feature a language teacher who comes across unexpected events half a world away; a male pet rabbit reflecting on his life on earth before heading for another world; a lorry driver who happens to hear his late father speak on the radio; a woman who suddenly becomes able to ‘speak’ with animals; aliens living on earth in disguise, discussing some positive and negative aspects of humanity; a man who suffers from depression after the death of his dog but eventually recovers slowly and steadily; a middle-aged man who recalls his childhood memories during his train journey to his earthquake-hit hometown; an evacuee girl who patiently endures the hardships of wartime; a young woman who has counselling sessions with a rabbit; a little kitten talking about her ‘people’ and her rabbit friend; and a Japanese woman who used to be an English boy in her past life. Some of the stories are set in England and the others are set in Japan and the South Pacific, mostly in the last decade. Holiday and Other Short Stories will be enjoyed by those who are brave enough to face up to harsh reality but wish to experience some feelings beyond everyday life.?The collection will also appeal generally to fans of short stories, and to fans of fantasy and animal fiction.

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