Troubador Fin

Released: 28/08/2015

ISBN: 9781784624804

Format: Paperback

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“Bloodaxe’s work is full of everyday absurdities and skewed observations. From his eulogy to a chav, to the clever word play of Tarzan wrestling with “complex grammar” in the middle of Dudley, Bloodaxe’s ludicrous scenarios never fail to entertain. This is beat poetry without the pretension, and Bloodaxe’s work is reminiscent of a mash-up between Spike Milligan, Edward Lear and Brian Patten, but with its own unique Yorkshire approach. While most of the poems are short and pithy, his mini-opus, The Bitchling Deacon, has an almost Joycean epic feel about it, with fantastical characters visiting the races and running manically across The South Downs. Thoroughly recommended …. “ Tim Pilcher & Sue Bradley, Brighton Festival Fringe Review “Ace manipulator of words and music, the indefinable Gilli Bloodaxe…I was astonished by it…amazing little stories…He’s a real find, old Gilli Bloodaxe.” Ian Macmillan This is the first time these poems have been published on the page. They are usually performed over an intensely annoying background of music made up by Bloodaxe’s long-time collaborators Foz and Astra Chan. They should not be taken seriously, or used to set personal goals or objectives without the advice of a qualified life coach. Fin has been beautifully illustrated by Lily Morgan

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Gilli Bloodaxe

Gilli Bloodaxe is an English poet from the north (1955 – 2037 based on current projections). He writes and performs in clubs, in crypts, on barges, on buses, by the sea strand and at festivals like Latitude, Beautiful Days, Ambition and Brighton Festival Fringe. His work has appeared on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Stuart Maconie’s Freakier Zone (BBC Radio 6), BBC Radio 3’s The Verb and on Radio Resonance FM. This is his first collection of poetry. Under a ridiculous pseudonym, he has also played many gigs and festivals as a flamenco guitarist and drummer.

Gilli Bloodaxe
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