Troubador Drying Naked

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785891366

Format: Paperback

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Drying Naked


A heartfelt collection of inspirational poetry that will help you find a deeper meaning in yourself and your surroundings.

Do you recognise yourself? Are you invisible, or do you choose to be unrecognisable?

Choice is as artificial as certainty. The anchors around us are simply temporary moorings for us to rest on for a while. As tourists and explorers we are intent on discovering what is already there, but are you a foreigner to yourself?

Extract from Drying Naked:
Drying naked, washed, sitting on your towel
Watching by your window, neighbourhoods of
Gardens blessed with feeling, warming climates
As the wetness stays a while, sensuous
Your friend the air, about you, slow and careful
The tenderness it places everywhere on you
What lover finds you in your soul
Watching as you share the intimate of you

Drying Naked invites you to focus on yourself, as an individual, to determine how you measure your existence in an ever-changing world. This profound collection will appeal to lovers of poetry.

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