Troubador Dominic

Released: 14/12/2013

ISBN: 9781783062171

Format: Paperback

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A Mother's Grief


This book of poems captures Rosie Lambert’s emotional journey as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her baby. Split into sections, the book covers everything from raw emotion, despair, guilt and self-blame through to the appreciation of the value of life and the positives you can take from a terrible experience. There is a section for particularly poignant times, such as anniversaries and Christmas and also one for the events and support provided by the charity SPRING (based at Poole Hospital), which played a big part in helping Rosie get back on her feet.

Too small for hand and foot prints
Yet big enough to be born
Too small to take a photograph
But you had a perfect form

Too old to be a miscarriage
Too young to register your birth
Officially you don’t exist
You don’t have any worth

It seems so very harsh to me
The way we draw a line
You are still my baby
And that won’t change with time

Who has the right to push you away
As if you didn’t matter
If you weren’t big enough to love
Why has my world been shattered

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