Troubador Doggerel Delights

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018707

Format: Hardback

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Doggerel Delights


In this cosy pocket-sized volume are 30 pieces of poetry on a wide and diverse range of topics.

The poems come in small, medium and larger sizes in a variety of forms including limericks and fantasies, mostly rhymed but with some free verse.

Overall, they comprise an amusing and quirky collection covering such important topics as fish, the state of London, mobile etiquette, shop-lifting and breakfast.

Learn some of them to amuse your friends and work colleagues. Find one to perform as your party piece! But most of all, let them bring some amusement to any dull moments of your life and enjoy them!

June 2018 - 3 short stories published in compendium "Tales from the Great North Wood",

October 2018 - publication of first collection of poems "Taking my Doggerel for a Walk"

Second volume "Doggerel Delights" due for publication in August 2019

Third volume in preparation.

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Jenny Caro


Jenny was born in Sussex but became a veteran Londoner for the rest of her life.

She has cherished all aspects of literature from a very young age - one of those "nose in a book" kids.

She has been a dedicated reader of a wide range of classic and modern fiction and of verse of all kinds- old and new, formal and informal, serious and funny.

She always has been Intrigued by the development over centuries of poetry spoken as well as written and of English language itself. It was as a teenager that she first found satisfaction and comfort in recording her own family and personal experiences in verse.

Her strong sense of humour and quirky take on all aspects of life permeate her poems, odes and doggerel. This reflects her own approaches on how to deal with the pain and pleasures of life. A great believer in creating humour and entertainment to counter the misery caused by "the slings and arrows" of life.

By 2017, her collection of writings had grown considerably and she decided to publish them in two volumes of which "Taking my Doggerel for a Walk" is the first.

A companion volume "Doggerel Delights" is in preparation for publication in mid -2019.

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