Troubador Cowparsley and Other Poems

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016888

Format: Paperback

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Cowparsley and Other Poems


A unique collection of thought provoking and in some cases uncomfortable poetry. 
Many of the poems deal with some of the big issues which confront our planet today. 
Poetry on heart-breaking death and loss.

This is a very refreshing and thought provoking first collecttion of poetry that is written in a clear and accessible manner. At times you will be moved to tears and at others you will smile. 

David M V Spiller tackles the major themes of humankind such as love (One summer morning), war (January 30th 1943) and old age (Under blue skies),death (Charlie, May) and how we as human beings are affected. 

There is also comedy (Bathtime at Carse House,Just a trifle), and hearbreak (Loss). He tackles the mysteries of religion (The silence of the ancient gods) and the relevance of old myths for us today (The Orford Merman). He confronts us with our desecration of the planet and our tardiness at doing anything about it.(Death in Paradise) The comfort blanket of memories with glimpses of childhood, the evocation of times and places combined with the spirituality of the every day make for a truly heart warming yet at times portentous and terrifying read.  

“Some people with the devil supped… 
Now we are gasping for fresh air and food, 
and realise too late… that we are screwed.” 
(“A message from the future”)

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