Troubador Concept Poems 1

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892059

Format: Paperback

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Concept Poems 1


This is a concept book with 110 Concept Poems within. The first three sections reflect the confusion and conflicts in rejection between desire and despair, wishful thinking and reality. The variety itself is interesting and the book is divided into sections. The first three related concepts are poetry that grew out of a broken relationships, the separation of soul-mates and the sadness that the two who should have been together endured because of the separation. A concept poem, is a series of poems connected by subject or a central character, arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial or other order of succession and can be read as a series. They also have similar recurring images and cross-references, but within those linking similarities there is inner variety to make it fresh and interesting. The poems occur on a visit to Mount Parnassus to see the Pythian. She presides, introduces the sections and frames the book with a prologue and an epilogue. There are some topical miscellaneous poems in the final section like on beauty from Westminster Bridge and the environment as in the plastic rubbish patches that are floating round the Pacific which are independent of each other. There is a mirror effect: experiences everyone shares where readers can find themselves.

King Alfred's Jewel: Poetry of the Imagination and Imaginative Poetry (Troubador) is David Hamilton's first book of poetry and photography but there are more planned. poetry has been neglected by the popular critics and booksellers but there is a groundswell of eager readers turning to it again.
Mr. Hamilton has two books of essays published. Culture Wars: To Discipline the Devil's Regions (Createspace)is criticism of art, architecture and drama. Some Literary Essays: Comments and Insights (Booklocker)is as the title suggests a collection of essays on literary subjects reviewing fairly George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, ideological playwrights, Middlemarch and reality, how Shakespeare created depth of meaning and some interesting literary genres like Verse satire and the work of Metaphysicals and Cavaliers.

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David Hamilton

David Hamilton is a professional writer who travels round England visiting towns, country and cities where he talks to local people to find unusual local places to visit and photograph.

"That is why I have been to such unusual places like the city farm in St. Werburghs, Bristol; Sky Edge, Sheffield, where pitch and toss games led to the famous Sheffield Gang Wars; and the source of the River Mersey, hidden beneath a road in Stockport.

I take a lot of photographs of these places and a very small example is in the Gallery on my website and a selection are in this book. I am planning a future book on England in which I can share my impressions and photographs."

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