Troubador Cheese and Other Stories

Released: 01/11/2013

eISBN: 9781783069316

Format: eBook

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Cheese and Other Stories


Cheese! The smiley face we accept as a universal sign of happiness belies the twists and downturns of not-quite-everyday life. Through these witty, visceral short stories, Deryck Whittaker takes us on a bittersweet journey across the globe, introducing a set of characters at odds with themselves and the times.

In locations as disparate as Norway, Mali and Argentina, the jungle of the art world, the good are generally rewarded, while the boorish and greedy receive their comeuppance.

Sometimes cautionary, often hilarious, the stories may end (or begin) with murder, indulge in love and lust, or describe in exquisite detail moments of apparent ordinariness. Throughout Cheese and Other Stories Whittaker’s elegant wordplay and acute observations of the human condition are superb.

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Deryck  Whittaker

Deryck Whittaker was born in London but has resided for most of his life in locations outside the UK, including France, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Venezuela, Argentina, USA, Norway, Lebanon, Iran, Greece, Vietnam, Indonesia and, presently, Thailand.

His first collection of short stories Cheese and Other Stories was published in 2013.

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