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Released: 28/09/2018

eISBN: 9781789012385

Format: eBook

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Catching the Moment

A Take on a Lifetime


‘Catch The Moment with me…luckiest of men’  

Author Gerry Wells is a veteran of the dizzy days of the Second World War and Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour. In Catching the Moment he tells about a well lived and well loved life.  

He writes eloquently about growing up in Sussex, then doing a stint in the France - Germany Campaign of 1944-45 in a Sherman Tank. After the war he buys a small holding in Wales where he delights in marriage, learns about farming from his kind, patient neighbours and explores the Welsh countryside - all the while telling his tales with humour and a keen observation. Gerry returns to England with his growing family where he becomes a teacher - writing and story telling in a beautiful medieval town. He deals with the sad death of his Mary. He can’t believe his luck when years later he meets an Egyptologist 25 years younger than he is. They marry, raise an adored daughter and then tragically Gerry deals with death again as he buries his second wife.

Having loved two wonderful women and raised five children, he now enjoys lunch everyday at his corner table in the local pub in Rutland, after which he walks carefully (he is almost blind) back to his stone house for an afternoon of writing ParaShots. If it’s sunny he creates and composes in his garden shed called Bag End. If it’s not sunny he’s inside near an ancient fireplace. 

Compact in size (perfect for a handbag or nightstand) Catching the Moment is a treasure of meditative vignettes for anyone who enjoys reading about the pulses of life.

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“The stories are vivid and come to a satisfying ending while making you want to read on to the next one. The book is like a concentrated memoir.”

The West Australian.

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 Gerry Wells

During WW2 Gerry Wells crewed a Sherman tank of the Sherwood Ranges Yeomanry, a part of the 8th armoured Brigade, in Operation Overlord - from which experience as a young man comes Kicking The Hornets’ Nest. Since those soldiering days he has farmed, studied at university and latterly was a College lecturer in English Literature.

As a writer he has published his fiction, non-fiction and poetry in a wide range of periodicals both in the UK and abroad, and his work has featured in BBC Radio programmes and in local radio.

Gerry Wells - Author

Entering Germany 1944
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