Troubador Casting Bread Upon The Waters

Released: 28/04/2016

ISBN: 9781785891700

Format: Paperback

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Casting Bread Upon The Waters


Casting Bread Upon the Waters is a collection of poems, prayers and reflections on the Christian life, with its joys, struggles, questions, dilemmas and challenges. Many of the entries are personal, arising out of Nigel’s own experiences in his walk with God. This is a book to provoke reflection, encourage honesty, comfort the distressed and inspire faith, hope and praise. It asserts that following Christ is seldom easy and never comfortable if we are serious and sincere, and that God, and His ways, are often shrouded in mystery. For those tired of well-worn platitudes, of people and church trotting out stock phrases that don’t quite ring true, of easy answers and of double standards, Casting Bread Upon the Waters is a must-read.

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