Troubador Brief Encounters

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781783064595

Format: Paperback

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Brief Encounters

Ten short stories and a letter... for reading aloud


Brief Encounters is a collection of unique short stories, written specifically for reading aloud.

While this compilation is delightful to read to oneself, its true pleasure lies in reading it aloud to a friend or partner. The art of writing short stories is exemplified in the collection through the detailing of characters; the way they behave, interact, and react to both the day-to-day and unexpected events that make up their lives. Each characters personality develops in a quick and subtle way to establish storylines that will surprise and intrigue both reader and listener.

Inspired by authors such as Anton Chekhov, Elizabeth Taylor and William Trevor, Edward scrutinises a wide spectrum of experiences and emotions in his stories that whilst unconnected in theme, are united in having an unexpected twist.

Previous published short stories:
‘Soft Centre’ one story in a collection by Brimstone Press titled, ‘A Box of Chocolates’
‘ Forbidden Fruit’ and ‘A Country Letter’ Two stories in an ebook collection by J.J.Marsh titled ‘Fifteen Shades for Grey’

'Soft Centre'

... She had been working as a life model, to help pay the fees for her art history course. Tom had introduced himself, as she was thawing out, in the café next door to where she was modelling.
He had come over to her table and standing over her, had announced he was making a commercial. Would she be interested in taking part? The theme was a spoof on a famous chocolate advert. You know the one…Man leaps from plane, swims moats, scales ramparts; just to leave a box of choc’s.
Anyway, according to Tom, all the seriously trendy ad’s were on the net…You Tube and so on and he was trying to find a girl with my look for the part.
“What do you mean my look?” Edie said.
“Well…” Tom paused and looking slightly cautious whispered… “Tasty.”
“Yes, tasty, delicious, delectable, good enough to eat.” And he gave her a lovely boyish smile…Half naughty grin, half suggestive.
“Is that all…?” she asked lightly.
“Of course you are a great colour. Very hot, very now.” he said seriously.
“Ah…” she murmured and gave a slow nod, “yes…”
“You see…” Tom was saying. “You will not only eat the chocolates but you will be one!” Your skin is just fantastic, the perfect shade of…

... Then her nails painted, wearing her huge wig and PVC chocolate wrapper costume and quite unable to move, Edie was carried to the bed by Murdoch and fitted into one of the moulded shapes.
Tom had knelt down by the bed and in his low soft voice said. “Very good Edie. Now for this take, Madeline will wrap you completely in foil. Then James is going to tear it off. You will have a frightened expression, then gradually change to one of pleasure, as James slowly licks you all over…And then a look of ecstasy, as you Imagine

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Edward Marnier

Anglo Irish by birth; brought up in England; childhood holidays in the West of Ireland. Later worked in Ireland, Spain and USA - at various jobs in the film industry, BAFTA award 1984 for editing - wrote two scripts for short films USA. Now work as designer and oriental carpet dealer, plus my real passion - writing short stories...

Edward Marnier

brief encounters
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