Troubador Bread and Wine (Leb I Vino)

Released: 01/03/2011

ISBN: 9781848765894

Format: Paperback

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Bread and Wine (Leb I Vino)


Author Trefor has taken inspiration from his two-year stay in a small South-West Bulgarian village to write Bread and Wine (Leb I?Vino), an eclectic mix of short stories. The stories reflect Trefor’s response to his sojourn in Dolno Dralishte, whilst carrying a sub-textual message about change, faith and the retention of national identity.

The title of Bread and Wine (Leb?I?Vino) derives from the old Bulgarian custom of hospitality to strangers; it is considered a great discourtesy if visitors to Bulgarian homes are not offered food and drink, and an even greater discourtesy if this offer is then turned down. “It was a lesson I quickly learned,”?says Trefor, “and one that afforded me much pleasure, inspiration, and –?I might add – several king-size hangovers!”

Fans of short stories and Magical?Realist fiction will enjoy this collection of stories, which range from those inspired by the dark and bloody history of the 500-year-long Ottoman occupation, the folk-lore and onto those reflecting modern-day Bulgarian life; an eclectic mix from bawdy comedy to psychological bleakness.

Trefor is inspired by the work of Salman Rushdie and?Angela Carter.

'Clerical Errors Secular Lies' ISBN 0 7552 0245 7. Available through Amazon.

The Self Publishing Magazine, Spring 2012

Kaye Trout's Book Reviews,, May 2011

I have read your book, Bread and Wine, which I found wide ranging, intimate, very informative, sensitive and a joy to read. I would recommend it to anyone. It is easy to read (you seem to be speaking to the reader personally)and all readers will find something to enjoy, something profound to think about, plus your special blend of wit and humour, sadness and depth.

by Alexa Sturrock

Jean Jones: This book is beautifully written and put together. Jean particularly likes the story of the old man with the cart and thinks anyone could identify with him. The writing and characterization is so much improved since earlier years. All fits together and the end result achieves the ambition - the cultural influences - modern cultures. But she loves the man with cart best because he is so human he could fit into any culture and we would feel his feelings. A special and most enjoyable book.

by Jean Jones

I have enjoyed this book more than I can say, and it says everything I would like to say. I love traditional habits and how they came to be. Also, I love the tone of the Author and his humanity - I feel I know him. Let's have more books like this on the market. A real joy.

by Jack Spencer

Trefor R. Stockwell

I have had a speckled career being variously soldier, civil servant, actor, director and college tutor.

I was educated at Bangor and Birmingham universities, and have now completed my Ph.d in English and Creative Witing - the short stories in 'Bread and Wine' and 'Tales of Ivan Levsky' are at the core of my thesis.

I now reside in West Wales. with my four cats

I have published one novel (see below) and have two others awaiting completion.

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