Troubador Backward Glance

Released: 22/07/2016

eISBN: 9781785896705

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Backward Glance

Four short stories and the novella, Divine Gift


Backward Glance is a collection of short stories reflecting half a century of change... In the first, a youth experiences the charm of fifties la France profonde, before confronting his own adulthood shortcomings in a Lake District Hotel. There is a tale of the second hand motor trade of seventies Leeds. Elsewhere, an ignorant bully miscalculates badly… and then a modest novella tells of a young man fulfilling a fantasy whilst at the same time discovering that his best friend has a rare talent, bringing them both advantage in mid sixties northern city night life. The final tale, set at the time of the millennium, is one of sexual discovery in middle age and may challenge the reader's previous perceptions... The incidents of sex and violence, of which there are but a few rare instances throughout, are realistically depicted.

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Freddie Knox

I retired to the Isle of Man a decade ago, prior to that I lived in Harrogate for many years. I was born in Birmingham during WW11 but grew up in forties and fifties South Leeds followed by spells in Wakefield, The Lake District and for a short time London. My mother was pure Yorkshire and Dad was from Smethwick, wartime romance eh!

I left school with little qualification or much ambition beyond having a good time. I have had a lot of jobs, a sad reflection of my inability to respect those with no discernible talent but ranking above me in the pecking order. I am cursed also with great curiosity and the next green field usually won me over. In no particular order I have been a successful salesman (on several occasions) a moderate manager (once or twice) and a short lived entrepreneur (again a couple of times), a bailiff and process server, a motor trader, a hotel manager but best of all by far, I was a Free Trade Area Manager for a major brewery in the South Yorkshire Coal field servicing CIU and Miners Welfare Clubs, before, during and after the 1984 miners strike; a seminal event of the late twentieth century, little was the same after it especially for the poor individuals in the middle of it all.

Now I do what respectable elderly gentlemen are suppose to do, attend monthly lunches at the golf club to yarn with other retired business types. I am a regular at the local classical music society but I also have a collection of modern jazz (love the 'Bird' and 'Art') and some super rock 'n roll from the fifties and sixties (some on vinyl too); I have been known to enjoy Queens of the Stone Age as well. We attend cultural lectures brought to the island by NADFAS and occasionally watch obscure movies in a converted Methodist chapel. My wife is a Cordon Blue and I can munch for Yorkshire, result!

We both enjoy a Gin (Tanqueray)) & French (Noilly Prat preferred but unfortunately now unobtainable on the IOM). I'm not fond of Baileys! I gave up my beloved Gitanes and Romeo & Juliets without rancour years ago but I loath 'secondary' no smoking laws and their zealot proponents. They have killed off a complete working class culture and it wasn't worth it.

Although my time as a motor trader made me sanguine about cars, "Just profit on rubber with rust", my old mate Lol' Arnold would call 'em. I do like 'classics' of the forties and fifties. I love to read, especially Orwell. I believe the short story is an often overlooked form.

That's enough about me. I hope you enjoy my own stories in 'Backward Glance'.

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