Troubador Another Book of Parkinality Poetry

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594763

Format: Paperback

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Another Book of Parkinality Poetry


In 2012 The Parkinality Poet was diagnosed, aged 44, with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD). Today, seven years after this diagnosis, she tries to remain positive and concentrate on what can be achieved, rather than dwelling on what cannot. 

In January 2017 she invented a new word; Parkinality; Parkin(son’s) & (person)ality, and started a website about living with YOPD to raise awareness, create more understanding, but primarily to highlight the urgent need for a cure. 

This is The Parkinality Poet’s second book of poetry. Another Book of Parkinality Poetry takes five fictional characters and through a series of poems explores ordinary family life, while at the same time, woven within the pages, is always the spectre of Parkinson’s Disease. 

Simple poems, simply written; often poignant and sometimes surprising, some poems will raise a smile. As with her earlier book The Parkinality Poetry Book (published July 2019) the poems are entertaining, interesting and are written to appeal beyond the Parkinson’s community.

Crickey how exciting is this (the answer is 'exceptionally'). Came home from holiday to find the real actual copies of my book on the door mat. Now the promoting begins.

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The Parkinality Poet

The Parkinality Poet is a multi faceted oxymoron with a GSOH. Her large handbag contains: a blue disabled badge, medication, spare medication, back-up medication, water, disabled bus and train pass, radar key which unlocks ten billion public toilets, an umbrella and two walking sticks. On a Friday night, you may find her chatting, drinking gin, dancing and getting up to other general malarkey. We have it on good authority that she is not a ... pain in the arse. Previous theatre credits include: Seaweed, Tree, Lamb and The Tin Man (non-speaking/singing role).

The Parkinality Poet is Janet Bric-a-Brac aka Julie Walker. I was diagnosed in November 2012, aged forty-four, with early onset Parkinsons Disease (PD). A (currently) incurable, degenerative neurological condition. I try to remain positive and concentrate on what I can do. I cannot cure Parkinsons, but I can raise awareness, in the hope that people will gain an insight and understanding of this unpredictable, debilitative condition, and ultimately that a cure will be found.

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