Troubador All In The Head

Released: 28/08/2014

ISBN: 9781783065035

eISBN: 9781784627454

Format: Paperback/eBook

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All In The Head

& other Tales with a Twist


This compelling collection of 18 short stories gives an insight into the psychological response to human emotion. Judith Thomas introduces characters from around the world that have come together in one volume to share personal tales. The varied themes and settings provide something unique for every reader.

The unexpected, surprising and relentlessly entertaining short stories comprise of imaginative plots that are set in various countries. The settings reflect the author’s personal knowledge of global culture whilst capturing the buzz and atmosphere of both the mundane and the exotic. From observing French traditions to learning about the South American lifestyle, this collection exposes the lives of different individuals as they discuss the triumphs and downfalls of life in their native countries. Amongst the narrators there are women executives with hidden obsessions, elderly soldiers with a deep and terrifying past as well as assertive teenagers that confide in the reader.

The twists in the stories are fresh and unexpected. All In The Head is thought-provoking, funny and profound. This book will resonate with everyone in some way. Readers are invited to reflect on their own issues in a wonderfully charming and light-hearted way and are introduced to larger-than-life characters from around the world. The book gives an intimate insight into the cultures of Europe and the Far East.

The author’s zest for life in all its fullness is infectious. Change is inevitable, life changes happen and this book explores those changes. All In The Head will appeal mainly to readers of short stories.

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Female First

An interesting read this one, full of short stories in relation to the human response to emotions and many secrets never to be told. If you like short stories then this is the one for you, an ideal armchair reading book


All In The Head & other tales with a twist is a collection of 18 short stories, each from a different protagonist. Sometimes historical backgrounds on French wig traditions, fictional scenes in history, sometimes contemporary settings. Hair fetishism, South American lifestyle, all with a twist. If you expect well worked out characters or a main theme, you’d be disappointed. Our global village captured in words reflecting both mundane and exotic elements, hits and misses of living in countries all over the world. Women executives with hidden hair obsessions, soldiers with a horrific past, as well as teenagers on a sleepover party, are on the scene.

by Henk-Jan van der Klis

Jud ith Thomas

Judith was born in Wales but has lived in seven other countries including the Middle and Far East. She is the mother of three grown up children.

She has been involved in ministry with women for over forty years, and has a special interest is the cultures of the Far and Middle East, she has written, lectured and presented on the role of women in those areas.

She is married and lives with her husband, Ron, in Windsor, Berkshire.

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Judith Thomas

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