Troubador A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785891779

eISBN: 9781785896620

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion


You are so special and make life a joy to live; I hear sounds of music whenever you’re near. Let me serenade you and pour out my love, For life is a song worth singing with you here. Clive Saffron’s A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion is a personal anthology of poetry that expresses the feelings and emotions experienced from falling in love. This collection not only explores the positive experiences from love but also the heartache and pain associated with relationships through difficult times. For Clive, love is a force that inspires, gives hope, belief and the strength to never give up. A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion has been inspired by love and created to continue to inspire, where beginnings may lead to endings and endings lead to new beginnings. Clive hopes the force of love may be the source of inspiration to all. “My hope is that the readers of my poetry will be inspired by my words and be able to connect with their deeper meaning, as well as have them resonate with their own experiences of love”, comments poet, Clive.

Welwyn Hatfield Times

Written from the heart and soul. Brilliant. A must read.

by Nettie Love

We've all suffered the heartache and turmoil of unrequited love, and Clive has expressed these feeling far more lucidly than I've ever managed.

by Marianne

A sweet collection of poems by debut poet Clive Saffron, celebrating the joy and innocence of love in a charming old-fashioned style. I must admit I enjoyed the sentiment more than the poems - their simplicity lacked depth and originality - but that's not to say Saffron doesn't have potential and, with a little time and practice, I'm sure he has the ability to go far in the world of poetry.

by Fiona Sandbrook (NetGalley)

I read this one twice because I liked it so much! Recommend everyone reading it!

by Kirstie Cooley (NetGalley)

The title said rhyming and explosion and it delivered! I enjoyed these poems. Each told a part of a story. It was a beautiful and moving love story and some heartbreak.I did find myself getting a little irked with a few of the intensely rhyming poems though. Overall I enjoyed this book. A few of my favourite poems in this were Fairy-tale Romance, Someone Like You, Queen of Hearts, Here and Now and Burning Candle.

by NetGalley Reviewer

A beautiful and surprising positive discovery the book of poetry: A Rhyming Explosion of Love and Emotion by Clive Saffron published by Troubador Publishing Ltd. I chose the book on NetGalley. With my great surprise and please this poet, Clive Saffron is a truly romantic man and romanticism his personal flag in a world so disenchanted and pretty stressed and a real real joy to read these wonderful love poems. They left me ecstatic in the real sense of the words. Decades that I didn’t read such beautiful and positive words about love. An age I didn’t read love portrayed, or pictured, painted, so exactly as the poet did through his words. Saffron is able to portray what it means real love: when we love we want the best for the other person, we want to love him, we want to stay with him, we want to avoid him sufferance and we want to share every second with him. A person changes when in a new relationship and in most cases for better because loving means to be able to give our best to the other one and vice versa. Life is more beauty, colors more vivid, air fresher. We are inspired by the other person, we add light and color at another existence and the same happens to us. Love is never opportunistic, but always grateful and a great gift. There are people who won’t never try the real meaning of love but who will experience it, will discover a precious gift. Love can be the best resource for bettering ourselves and our companion, as also said by the poet. Also in the second part, when Saffron analyzes love’s pain you won’t find stressing or sad or desperate and frustrated poems. No: all the opposite. These words are real balsam for the soul and big treasures, because they will reassure, they will speak of hope, they will speak, also when a love ends, of the beautiful gift experiences thanks to the time spent with the other person. There is a positive approach to the relationship with the other one and of course, there is Love. Love speaks through all these poems. Real love is everywhere. In every word, in every poem, in every felt sensation. Love as a personal growth, love as the best resource for our daily life. In the book also various “pills of love”, little aphorism written by Clive Saffron. I do truly recommend to you this book of poetry for the beautiful words and sentiment expressed by the post and because once for all, ladies and gentlemen: Love is Back! in poetry as well.

by NetGalley Reviewer

A beautiful yet heart breaking love story, that was beautifully told!

by Tarah Hodges-Wilkins

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