Troubador A Reddish Sky

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595456

Format: Paperback

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A Reddish Sky


A Reddish Sky is a reflection of love lost, unrequited and fulfilled. Full of pain and joy, it is the reminisce of those we have found and loved, lost or left. Distant companions, some who seem to still appear daily in fine nuance and soul. 

Earth, in all its uniqueness, features as our ancient home with its priceless, endless diversity. A thin cloak of life so topical and newsworthy today and under such threat. It changes, it always changes, and it has been said that Eden can be lost in a moment. By looking to the past we can better understand our present. By projecting to the future we may feel and value what we have, to know and to savour, and thereby enhance our being. 

All of this began conception, for the author, in another era of park sunsets in Reddish Stockport, hence the symbolism. Come the day perhaps, when after knowing and experiencing these simple yet complex milestones of people and discovery we are reminded and see them from the perspective of a journey to A Reddish Sky.

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