Troubador A Miscellany of Muses

Released: 01/03/2011

ISBN: 9781848765696

Format: Paperback

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A Miscellany of Muses


A Miscellany of Muses? There are nine of them altogether and they all make an appearance in this volume. Many readers will remember Erato and Calliope from their previous appearances in Conversations with a Muse. Here they are again, accompanied by their sisters: Melpomene the moaner, Polyhymnia the professional, unhappy Clio, dancing Terpsichore, astral Urania, Thalia the comic and Euterpe the flautist. The verses are designed to be read as one continuous story, although many of the poems stand on their own.

If you have ever wondered how a famous Swedish furnishings company came by its name, why magnets never wear out, or how stardust is formed, then look no further. Answers, of a sort, to these and other questions, are to be found here. One does not need to have read the previous volume to enjoy this book. However, those who know Conversations with a Muse will meet old friends in new situations. Hopefully the reacquaintance will be a happy one!

Review comments for Conversations with a Muse.

There is something here for everyone. Some poems are amusing (I laughed out loud at a few),others are disturbing, most are witty and thoughtful. the whole sequence of "Conversations" is clever and funny.

Reading groups don't as a rule choose poetry but this would be a good choice because of the variety in style, mood and subject.

Edna Price.

Krax Magazine

Pulsar Poetry Magazine

Dandelion Arts Magazine

The Bookseller's Spring Buyer's Guide, 2011

Review of A Miscellany of Muses

From the dedication to Marga through to the Afterword there isn't a single poem that disappoints. I do believe that even those who normally don't read poetry unless forced to
will enjoy these new poems from Derek Malpass.

Such a clever idea to gather all the muses together and relate a poem or two to each one.
I enjoyed the way Derek cleverly changed rhythm and rhyme to suit each one. Top marks for variety. I could hear the orchestra quite clearly in the amazing "Part of a Symphony" and had a good laugh with Envelopes, Magnets and Perfume. As for "The Epic of Finnikea" .....who would have thought a poem about flatpacks and the Allen key could be so lyrical? After "Stardust" I feel I have a better understanding of Creation than I've ever had before. So thank you, poet.

But Erato on the web, whatever next? Or could this be the title of the next collection?

Hope the collection sells well - it deserves to.

by Edna Price

Derek Malpass

Derek Malpass spent most of his professional life working in the field of international education. He taught and administered in several European countries and was called upon to visit schools world-wide as part of a programme of school evaluation and accreditation. Now retired, he lives in Bavaria.

The author on a trip to the Austrian Alps.
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