Troubador A Lincolnshire Journey

Released: 02/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783062287

Format: Paperback

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A Lincolnshire Journey


Anyone with an interest in Lincolnshire, its landscape and its past and a liking for traditional poetry would enjoy this magical history tour

A Lincolnshire Journey is a fictionalised exploration of the history and geography of Lincolnshire. The Lincoln Imp, driven out of the cathedral by an off-key chorister, becomes our tour guide through a landscape both familiar and unfamiliar. There dwell the Corieltauvi tribe and the Roman Ninth Legion, Anglo-Saxons warriors, Viking settlers, Norman lords and the latter day descendants of all of these. Our journey takes us into the gentle chalk wolds and across Lincolnshire’s lonely fenland, along the salt marshes to the banks of the Humber and even out into the North Sea and the Atlantic. The trawling industry, long gone railways, windmills, beautiful and often isolated country churches, delightful minor roads, all are visited. Perhaps most poignantly, Lincolnshire’s role as ‘Bomber County’ is considered.

Written in verse form, this book is characterised by historical and geographical detail, humour and rhyme and rhythm. Join the Lincoln Imp for a rich and varied trip around Lincolnshire, in a book which strongly evokes the spirit of the county.

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