Troubador A House for Eternity

Released: 28/07/2018

ISBN: 9781789014105

Format: Paperback

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A House for Eternity


This slim volume comprises a collection of gently comic poems, drawn from the author’s many years of experience dealing with adolescent youth. The topics range from the everyday to beyond - many husbands left on their own will have fought interminable battles with bed linen, politics rears its ugly head as England prepares to ‘go it alone’, and Clio, Muse of History has her say as to why the world situation has gone awry. The final poems deal with the difficulties that age may bring to us all - but then, as the philosopher asked, ‘would you have it any other way?’


Extract from Brexit:


Brexit?  Brexit!  British exit,

What an ugly word!

An ugly word for a stressful time,

Up to now we’ve been doing fine,

Winning concessions from our tussles,

With bureaucracy in Brussels.


But now we want out,

Want to go it alone,

Take back control,

Be responsible for the whole

Shebang!  Show that Britain is great,

Before it’s too late!

Review comments for Conversations with a Muse.

There is something here for everyone. Some poems are amusing (I laughed out loud at a few),others are disturbing, most are witty and thoughtful. the whole sequence of "Conversations" is clever and funny.

Reading groups don't as a rule choose poetry but this would be a good choice because of the variety in style, mood and subject.

Edna Price.

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Derek Malpass

Derek Malpass spent most of his professional life working in the field of international education. He taught and administered in several European countries and was called upon to visit schools world-wide as part of a programme of school evaluation and accreditation. Now retired, he lives in Bavaria.

The author on a trip to the Austrian Alps.
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