Troubador A Perfect Ending and Other Stories

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803135489

Format: Paperback

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A Perfect Ending and Other Stories


These stories reach out: to embrace, beckon, invite! Such diverse themes are ever-present to explore, relate to, empathise with, as you accompany characters on their personal journeys, and experience vicariously their struggles, hopes and dreams. Happy tales present idyllic life-styles in Mediterranean settings, of love, adventure and self-discovery. Floating Romans occupy the sitting -room; poltergeists disturb your peace in an old, haunted house. Fulfilment, belonging and peace are found in an Art Gallery; and a perilous boat journey in turbulent waters will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. The presence of animals create harmony, healing; the isolation suffered due to mental health issues, as well as coping with speech disorders and bullying, will arouse your compassion and sympathy. It’s all there in this fast-moving book, which you can dip in and out of at your leisure. These stories will whet your appetite in so many ways- you’ll be hooked!

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Vivien Varga

Vivien Varga has worked as an English and Drama teacher in Warwickshire and the West Midlands and lived for several years in Bologna. Now retired, she spends her time travelling and writing. 'Marika' is her first book and was inspired by her mother's stories of her childhood and wartime experiences.

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