Troubador A Book About A Matchbox

Released: 28/04/2014

ISBN: 9781783063468

Format: Paperback

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A Book About A Matchbox


Just imagine. A matchbox with a special gift. A matchbox that has stored up tales, witnessed from the pockets of several previous owners. The final owner and friend of the matchbox has tuned in and received the stories of varying experiences of different people. This idiosyncratic debut novel meanders through a series of apparently unrelated tales about people and situations encountered over a number of years. But are they really unrelated? In both the light and dark moments revealed in the tales, readers will delve into their memories to explore where their experience ‘matches’ what is being related. Eventually the tales give way to a poignant, uplifting and somewhat surprising conclusion. What if someone suddenly discovered the life for which they had constantly yearned? The life which they had dreamed about so often but which seemed to have been destined never to become a reality? Just imagine... A?Book About a?Matchbox is an intriguing selection of short stories that vary in context and impact.?Each tale is accessible and light-hearted, but also contains meaningful and thought-provoking underlying themes. The stories have accumulated over recent decades and their themes will resonate with adult readers of all ages.


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An original story and after a hesitant start I enjoyed.

by Brenda Wright

5 out of 5 stars

This book turned out to be a really good book! I had a hard time starting it as well as finishing it. But god I am really glad I read it! What really caught my attention was the very different perspective we had through Ingmar, the wonderful matchbox. I loved how different and totally random it was. I mean, who would have ever thought t could work? And the perspective from Ingmar and his ability to read minds REALLY worked in this book! I loved how we got to now the three different charcters 'the young woman', 'the woung man' and 'the writer' throught the eyes of Ingmar and the thoughts of everyone in the room. It was amazing. The three characters had a lot of depth and a lot of differetn sides, which made it all seem so fantasticly real! They weren't 'cartoonish' characters, who was so innocent and could make no mistakes. I loved that. They were human beings, and I just want to take a moment to thank the author a million times for this. And oh my god! That ending though! Sorry my French, but oh my freaking God that so wonderfully unexpected! I freaking loved it! So great, so amazing! I can't believe I did not read this earlier on!

I would love to see this book turn into a well-know story and have the honoured title as a 'classic'. In my opinion it definitly holds the potential. Loved it!.

by Michelle lindsted

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