Troubador Willoughby Wind Has Fun!

Released: 28/03/2015

ISBN: 9781784622060

Format: Paperback

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Willoughby Wind Has Fun!


Sally Sun wakes up early and goes to look for her friend Willoughby Wind. She finds him still asleep on top of his favourite oak tree. She calls out to him to wake up. Realising he is late, Willoughby rushes off to have some fun. But his idea of fun is to do naughty things, creating havoc with letters, rubbish, hats and umbrellas! Until Sally comes from behind a cloud and tells him to be good. Willoughby rushes off once again and this time finds kind and helpful things to do. He makes wind for a girl to fly her kite, and helps Cloudia Cloud to make puddles for the children to play in. Sally helps too by making a rainbow. When Willoughby runs out of puff, Sally tells him not to be sad, and that he’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep. He settles himself down in his favourite oak tree and the children call out goodnight to him but he is already fast asleep. Willoughby Wind Has Fun! is a charming picture book about the wind, sun and clouds that will capture the imagination of children aged 3-5. With colourful illustrations that mix fantasy and reality, the story touches on the subject of being good, or being naughty, and children will identify with the mischievous character of Willoughby Wind.

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Maggie Lycett

I grew up in Kent, married and had two children, later training as a teacher in Special Needs Education and teaching at Canterbury College. For many years I lived in Italy in the Tuscan hills, which was very beautiful and inspirational for writing.I now live with my husband in Berlin, where I work voluntarily in a kindergarten. I love reading, enjoy the arts, and am learning yoga.

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