Troubador Who’s Been in Our Tree?

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788033589

Format: Paperback

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Who’s Been in Our Tree?


The only English language book for children dealing with the trauma of burglary. Fox, Badger, Hedgehog and Squirrel discover that someone has burgled their tree, and some strange things are starting to happen. Badger can’t sleep, Hedgehog is shouting at everyone, Squirrel is jumpy and Fox won’t go anywhere on his own. While the birds are off looking for the burglars, Fox has an idea and each one of them makes a plan... Who’s Been In?Our?Tree??includes quirky, full-colour illustrations and integrated support materials, enabling children to think about their own experiences and deal with the effects of the crime. It provides guidance to parents or support workers wanting to help children start on the road to recovery. The support materials incorporate the illustrations, resulting in a seamless experience consistent with the engaging, child-friendly nature of the main story.

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Victim Support

I was pleased to have won this children's book in a recent Goodreads First Reads giveaways. An excellent children's story to help those cope with the trauma of burglary. Even if one hasn't suffered trauma, this book is still a good story to read. The book has full colour illustrations and integrated support materials enabling children to think about their own experiences. Recommended.

by Alan (through Goodreads)

A lovely book to help young children who have been victims of a burglary overcome the trauma and fear that it causes. Wonderfully written with cute and simple illustrations to engage children. Includes an interesting child-friendly relaxation technique at the end of the book which would be useful.

by Rebecca Jones (through Goodreads)

Not only is this a well written story with charming characters that I think will appeal to children, having been a victim of burglary myself, even as an adult I found this book surprisingly helpful in understanding my negative responses. It is clearly written with a view to offer practical advice to children and their parents who have been the victims of burglary but in a way that I think will genuinely be accessible to children. I would highly recommend this book.

by Peppi H. (from Amazon)

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